Psychotherapy Experience

Psychotherapy Experience

Psychotherapy Experience

Choosing A Therapist

What’s the difference between Counseling Psychiatry and Psychology?

Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists have all been professionally trained to help people with psychological distress or mental illness.



What is the difference between a Psychologist and a Coach?

There are some major differences between these two areas but overall the goal of both is to help the client function better in their lives.

Some of the differences include

How do you know you are being treated by a good Psychologist or Psychotherapist?

When sourcing your therapist, make sure they work for a reputable clinic. You may want to visit the clinic first and get a feel for the environment. Most Therapists will have a biography on the clinic website, so you could check this first to view their training and specialties.

When meeting with your therapist, you may want to ask them some questions. Useful (and completely acceptable) questions include: