Warm, Proactive and
Understanding Therapists
Warm, Proactive and
Understanding Therapists

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Life’s challenges often require the guidance and knowledge of a counseling professional, who has the training and expertise to help you navigate through relational struggles, or individual challenges due to abuse, emotion and/or behavior difficulties.  Either in childhood or adult, past or present trauma experiences can lead us down a path towards, anxiety, depression, defeating beliefs, divorce, parenting issues and family conflict, and a profound sense of loss and defensiveness to protect.

Face-It Psychotherapy, LLC., ethos is the belief everyone has the ability to be happier, healthier and productive when they tap into their creative abilities and soul purpose. To know oneself is to know what works for you. Change happens when you have the wisdom, courage, resiliency and believe you can make it possible.

Get to know our Therapists and their qualifications, focus areas and interests, by reading about us below.

Teresa McKenna - Psychotherapist

Teresa McKenna


About Teresa McKenna, LMHC

Teresa McKenna, LMHC, CCTP is the owner and founder of Face-It Psychotherapy, LLC., who has been working for the past 10 years overseas in Ireland and the UK and currently in the US.  Teresa is a warm, proactive and understanding therapist who relentlessly explores resiliency and human nature to understand individuals struggles in life.  Her focus areas include abuse; emotional, neglect, sexual and domestic violence.  She specializes in healing trauma, family or relationship difficulties, and helps individuals face even the toughest challenges in life and succeed to create the life they want to live.

Teresa’s sessions are about building a relationship to support the client, to help them make sense of their experience, to think, act and feel differently and uncover how to break the patterns of negative experiences.  Though research and workshops, Teresa finds resources that have proven evidence based with researched successful outcomes.  She draws on the techniques and skills learned in workshops and specific trauma focused courses and imbeds this information into the treatment. Having worked in schools, crisis centers, community programs, non-profit and agency, she performs within an integrative stance, working to support the client’s needs and wants from therapy.


What clients say about working with Teresa McKenna

Clients have kindly offered their testimony to the work we completed together at Face-It Psychotherapy.

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